The BIG Project

About Us

The BIG Project is a photography initiative created to document and share stories about the environment and animal rights that are happening now and need to be told before they become past.

You know when you see someone on a daily basis but never really talk and get to know that person? This could happen at school, at work or even in the bus you take everyday home. This is what happened to Lucas Landau and Guiga Pirá for years.

Both photographers studied in the same school when teenagers, but were lucky enough to be hired as a team for a commissioned job, more than 10 years after the last time their paths crossed in the school's common areas. Not only they realized how good they worked together, but also found out that they had very different experiences over the years that could be combined in what they called their BIG project.


Lucas Landau

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Lucas is 28 years old with 16 taking pictures. He's sure was born a photographer already. An observer without preconceptions, Landau sees photography as the key to roam between different worlds always aiming for humanity, beauty and a good story.


Guiga Pirá

Vegan, environmentalist and animal rights activist, Guiga is an award winning photographer that was involved in many direct action campaigns to protect marine life in the world’s oceans using a camera as a weapon. When realized the power that an image can have, he decided to commit to photography, using it in the causes that he fights for.